Kufi Beanie Hat

Originally, kufis were worn by men of Christian, Muslim, and followers of indigenous African religions. Many elders wore kufis to symbolize their status of wealthy, wisdom, and religion.

Today, in the US, kufis are worn by many with casual attire and make quite the fashion statement. Usher rocked one of his album cover for “U Remind Me.”

Usher Kufi Hat

3rdPowerOutlet has kufis in red, blue, gold, rasta, and more!

Pink Kufi Beanie
Don’t worry ladies… we didn’t forget you!

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Caring for Your Kufi
All beaded, knitted, and crown kufis should be turned inside out and hand washed in cold water and liquid detergent. It is best to air dry. Kufis should be washed once a week to eliminate odors. Turkish and crochet kufis can be machine washed with like colors. However, it is best to air dry them. To shrink a Turkish or crochet kufi that is too large, wash the kufi then machine dry with like colors.