eCommerce Tips for Selling Eyewear, Jewelry, Headwear, etc.

One of the first questions consumers ask when purchasing clothing, jewelry, or accessories is… “How Will This Look On Me”.

Display is everything! Lots of stores are going towards live mannequins, but those can get quite pricey.
What’s the alternative…MANNEQUINS!

Look at the difference in these two items:

Du Rag Du Rag

Which one draws your attention more? The one on the mannequin head, of course. Mannequin heads can be made to resemble all aspects of the human head and are made to scale. I know this seems like an obvious concept, but let’s think deeper here. A wig is a wig is a wig. It’s hair… plain and simple. Look at the difference in seeing the hair on a mannequin head.

It makes a WORLD of difference. Donning a mannequin head with a wig allows you to display how the wig will fit with specific face types, how the hair will flow, etc.

In addition, think about sunglasses, hats, caps, bandanas, sweat bands, earrings, du rags, stocking caps, etc. All of these things are necessary accessories to your ‘drobe and it makes PERFECT sense to see how they look on a physical head. Of course purchasing in the store, you could put them on and look in the mirror… DUH, but for the massive increase in online shopping, this is vital to the customer experience.

The shopping experience is about quick and easy. Shoppers want to take a glimpse, checkout, and go. By displaying these items on mannequin heads, you are almost guaranteeing yourself increased sales.

So get your mind right and get your mannequin heads today!

3 Responses

  1. white gold heart pendants need a nice black display do you know of any

  2. fantastic info on how to display unique and unusual gemstone jewelry

  3. great advice on marketing jewellery

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