Sk8ter Chick – Teyana Taylor

Check out her hot NEW “Google Me” Video!!!
Star Trek’s newest artist, Teyana Taylor, is tearing up the internet joining the ranks with music producer and Sk8teboard P, Pharrel Williams. I can’t stop stumbling upon articles and blogs about her. She made her debut on MTV’s Sweet 16 and has been a Google phenomenon every since. Teyana started out as a peculiar, young sk8ter girl who had a flare for performing. She then moved on to choreographing for Beyonce and releasing her debut album under one of the biggest names in the music industry. Teyana’s look has been described as retro, eclectic, and MUST-have.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor
Want to achieve Teyana’s look?? She’s constantly seen rocking trucker hats, bandanas, slouch socks, sweatbands, big chains, and cute accessories. As always, these looks are available from 3rd Power Outlet.

Celebrity styles for a fraction of the celebrity cost!

A few skate pics from Teyana’s MySpace:

Teyana Taylor Teyana Taylor

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  2. wats go00die girl damn man i must say u 1 hell of a female girl u beautiful ass hell u kno wat im sayin ya style is dope fr3sh.. nd yuh doin it big out hea dats wats up congrats on dat .. i hope dis is actually yuh im writin to not some fake trynna be yuh but yeah yup atleast i tried so i hope 2 hear from u so0n… nd 1 more thing ya hit swag is a banga 4real.. but get at me

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  4. Generally I don’t quite like to post on blogs, but this post really really forced me to do so!

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