3rd Power Outlet is a SHOPWiki Certified Price Leader!

Shop Wiki
3rd Power Outlet selected as a SHOPWiki Certified Price Leader!

Stores that are Certified Price Leader’s have been qualified by meeting two or more of the following requirements:

1.  Annual sales within the top 1% of all ShopWiki retailers.

2.  Prices that are within the ShopWiki fair price range.

3.  Proven high shopper approval on ShopWiki and other retail rating sites.

4.  Quality customer service.

5.  Direct positive feedback to ShopWiki.

6.  Membership of the Better Business Bureau, Thawte, ScanAlert, GeoTrust or TrustKeeper.

Stores that are a Certified Price Leaders are also considered to be the safest and most reliable stores because they are listed with the Better Business Bureau or offer secure online purchases!

(30) NHL Hockey Mini PENNANTS Full Set~ALL 30 TEAMS~New
Now $12.95

(30) NBA Mini Basketball PENNANTS Complete Sport Set
Now $12.95

SEC Teams NCAA Mini PENNANTS Collector Sport Set w/ BONUS
Now $11.95

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