3rd Power Outlet Receives Rave Reviews

You like me…. you really like me!

We recently submitted a survey regarding 3rd Power Outlet customer satisfaction. I wanted to share some of your thoughts on customer satisfaction, product selection, convenience, and overall shopping experience.

How Satisfied Were You With Your 3rd Power Shopping Experience?

Please rate your satisfaction with 3rd Power shopping convenience.

… Satisfaction with product selection

Overall shopping experience was positive

Would you recommend 3rd Power Outlet to a friend or colleague?

General feedback:

“My one experience with 3rd Power was excellent. You are one of the best sellers I have encountered on ebay.”

“My first experience was wonderful. I made a point the second time to “track” the website down for another purchase. Great customer service.”

“What I can tell you to improve your services?…Nothing every time I buy something it’s perfect (communication, shipping delay, price) it’s for me the 3 most important things when you buy something.”

“I would not change a thing. Your website was easy to maneuver through and I was able to find what I needed at a great price!”

“excellent service i have nothing to report but greatness with your company and web site.”

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