Dispelling the Myths: Du Rags Vs Bandanas

Ironically enough, I was standing in line at Foot Locker over the weekend and overheard a conversation about bandanas and du rags. The questions ranged from who wears them, when to wear them, and why wear them. Seeing as how I’m a guru in the industry, I thought it appropriate to dispel the myth to anyone else out there that might be wondering.

A Du Rag in short is a form-fitting version of the bandana. The du rag fits very closely to the head and has a tie on the back for a nice tight fit. Du rags come in nylon, cloth, or stocking material and can be either solid or patterned. Both of these types of headwear are interchangeable. Most often bandanas are worn under helmets or other protective hats for comfort and protection. Bandanas are also used by bikers to wipe off the seats of the bike, with the dipstick when checking oil, clean the mirror, polish the chrome.. you get the point! Bandanas are extremely versatile.

Camoflauge Du Rag

Camo Green Biker Durag
Price: $2.99

flag bandana

12 Pack (1 dozen) – British Flag Bandannas (bandanas)
Price: $6.95

Would I pick one of the other?? Not really, in most cases, I’d keep a du rag on the head and a bandana in the pocket or around the neck for a fashion statement!

If you have thoughts or picks of you rocking a 3rd Power Bandana or Du Rag, send it in!

One Response

  1. Wrong wrong wrong. What the biker culture started with was wearing a bandana on the head and that was completely different assocation than what the african people would wear. Its made of different material and serves a different purpose. Now it is true that the marketing people took advantage of popular culture and started making them different and started calling them that to sell more product and the garment industry changed the way they are made to tie in the back. Maybe today thats what retailers call them. But traditionaly they developed and evolved separately bikers of old care about keeping sweat out of there eyes not to protect there doo. Hence the name doo rag. Bandana to mop up sweat even if worn on the head.

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