American Idol Watch #1: David Hernandez – Male Dancer … No Rhythm … C-YA

Let me start by saying, male dancer, male dancer, male dancer. Ooops
“alleged” male dancer. Whatever dude, the song sucked and you need to go home. I
actually liked David the week he did the Temptations “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”,
but since then he has put me to sleep. He had that big voice and could hit those
soulful licks, but I guess the Beetles week got the best of him.

David Hernandez!

I know he had a lot on the brain with all the publicity about his “pizza
job?” Yeah right! You should have danced like you had a g-string on an wanted a
dollar dude, you may have got a few votes! Singing a great, well know Beetles
song like “I Saw Here Standing There” and not singing the “Woooo…” is a
freaking crime. C-Ya, your ass needs a ticket home.

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