Tornado Hits Atlanta, My Hometown! Part 2 (My Pictures)

This is part 2 see part 1 HERE

Thanks for the well wishes all… That 24-hour period was crazy. Yesterday there were about 4 confirmed touchdowns all around the ATL suburbs. I have not watched all day news like that since, Katrina.

Ok, I finally got downtown today to check on my other house. Most do not know the story, but this is a rehab that I purchased in 2002 that nearly sent me to bankruptcy, but also it is the sole reason I started selling stuff on eBay and of course lead to me being a business owner.

So this house has been vacant and sitting for years now. But any how I went down with the hopes that at least a freakin’ tree went through the roof, but no such luck. The tornado touched down about 4 blocks away X Hey, but there was a bum crashed on the poach so you will be happy to know that all is well in “Crack Head Ville, ATL”. LMAO

To do the drive in the effected areas is way more stunning than anything I have seen on TV. We drove block after block and hit all 6 miles of the tornado effected areas (where we could). It is amazing really that no fatalities occurred. Here are a few un-edited pics of my trip today (these are raw and I have not cropped and compressed them yet)

See ALL the pictures

This is part 2 see part 1 HERE

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