Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Ok man, honestly I am one hard ass bro. But if you want to get me giddy like a school girl, talk about Indiana Jones’ new movie. I have waited a loooooong time for this and thought it would NEVER come. But it is really here, it will be the biggest one ever and the trailer looks great. Just right in the pocket, the Nazi slayer is back to kick some but and solve a puzzle.

I really am a big fan. I was given the complete DVD set for Christmas and that was the gift I played with on Christmas day. So what? Haters can exit the party now, cause Indy still rules! I ain’t no Star Wars geek, but the I will be here on opening day at the biggest screen in Atlanta for the premier at mid-night. Hate it or love it, you STILL are reading my ‘ish… so we cool, enjoy the trailer and the stupid puppet.

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