Ice Cube is a big geek

Master rapper Ice Cube rocks a Sidekick, live streams his shows, makes music in Pro Tools, and just launched an Internet TV project.

Attacked by Jackets caught up with Ice Cube after his SXSW panel with DJ Pooh and got a few of his thoughts on music and technology.

Atacked by Jackets (Mark Trammell):

I saw this technology scholarship you’re working on with the music college up in St. Paul. Tell me a little about it.

Ice Cube:

Yeah, McNally Smith. It’s a school for people that’s doing contemporary music. It’s not really just stuck on classical or any of the older forms of music. They’ll teach you how to make a rap record, teach you how to work a 24 or 48-track SSL. It’s real stuff that kids is doin’ right now.


How did you get involved?


The lady that runs it is good friends with my assistant. She was telling us about the school and asked me if I was interested in starting a scholarship in my name, so I started looking more into it and I was like “This is some cool shit!” I wish something like that was in California. So, it was cool that they named a scholarship after me. They award it to a kid every year and pay for their school.

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