American Idol Watch #3: Chikezie My Nezie Your Time is Up, Dude

Chikezie, my nezie you got fired tonight! Aw, its sad to see you go, but you were on my bottom 3 list and I had a feeling your number was up. The only problem Chekezie had was his true lack of experience. He has a great voice and a wonderful personality, but he simply was not very experienced with performing.

Week after week, he looked nervous and “over-staged”. What was a small flaw in the earlier portion of the competition became glaringly apparent on the BIG stage.


Some days my dude looked like a deer caught in the headlights of Hollywood. And, well he was! Taking on a Luther joint like “One Night” is so hard for anyone to do. The range from very low to high is hard to pull off with the grace and elegance comparable to the late, great Luther Vandross.

I have seen year after year guys get to the bottom fast doing a Luther song. America loves Luther and he is simply hard to duplicate. There have only been 2 people in the 7 years to me that have ever pulled it off. One of course, is Rueben Studdard and the other one??? Ok, hold your breath…Elliot Yamine. Elliot did a Luther joint on the tour and it was banggin!

Elliott Yamin

But the real story last night was Syesah Mercado in the bottom 3! America has a crack problem!!! Get off the pipe folks, this chick can blow and her performance this week was spot on perfect!

I hate when this crap happens, but maybe this is just what she needs to step up her game. To me she could make it very far in the competition, but she has got to make her mark and set up her own style. She has been pigeon holed as a wanna-be Whitney, but she has her own thing going on.

I want to see more of Syesah and thankfully we will. But America needs to quit smoking crack and vote of the “Dreadlock Mess”, that is Jason as soon as possible.

Syesha Mercado!

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