Pimp My Ride? Nah…not even necessary, this ride is PIMP!!!

So I was in the can dropping of the kids….OK, TMI. But I was checking a magazine and this just caught my eye. The Rolls Royce Phantom with the Drop Top, OMG. This one is for the books man. You are the PIMP if you got this ride. With a sticker price of, get this one folks, $426,750 you could feed a starving nation… OR you can impress your friends with this spanking new joint.


What does your money get? Well I am glad you asked. This mother, got cashmere and hand sewn leather interior with chrome silver trim. The doors close with the push of a button because you too rich to be doing that ish yo self.  This ride is over 18 feet long folk! Damn that is a large car, but it got power too. Goes from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds!

Still  the hotness is simply watching the drop top unfold. That is pure sweetness baby!!!


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