American Idol Watch #4: So long Remiele You Asian Cutie

The smile that lights up a room is gone. We are all going to miss the beautiful Ramiele Malubay. The self-proclaimed 1st Asian American Idol was booted this week from the show. Dolly Parton week did Ms Remiele in.


For me it was totally the right choice. She was in over her head with the country song. Week to week Ramiele was a victim of poor song choices. The big voice in the little package never could seem to find a groove and hit the pocket. I really liked this girl and we will miss her.

Ramiele Malubay

Woman’s White Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Black Sequined Handmade Chemo Head Wrap
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Black Handmade Chemo Head Wrap
Now $3.95

5 Responses

  1. remiele you are my favorite

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