American Idol Watch #5: Michael Johns is OTTA Here!

Idol gives back, and then she taketh away! So the boy from the ATL, our home base got sent home. What a shocker, eh? No, I did not believe he would win, no his performances have not been all home runs. But I was still a little shocked how he was dismissed. More controversial to me than the vote, was Ryan’s little “shtick” about “you remeber last year during Idol Gives Back we did not send anyone home”. That was very mean spirited.

I think about where Idol has come from and where is it going? You should not ad insult to injury. We have all gotten used to the mixing of good news as bad, or the “after the break” discomfort with a wink. But this one went too far. I like seeing the shock and horror of an unexpected departure, but the double wammy they laid on Micheal Johns was a little much. Let’s not stab anyone else 2 times in one show with false hopes going forward folks.

OK, now that I got that out, here are my initial thoughts. Did America get the bottom 3 right? YES. Should Michael Johns been the outted one? Maybe yes. Look, week after week his performances have been unsteady. Either he was “on par” with his skills or he was below them. This was a simple problem with his consistency and song choice. Going into the top 12, he was my favorite to be in the final show against David Archuleta, of course. His performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the Hollywood week was a knockout. Bad part is, that he has never captured that magic again.

Now if we take a look at the bottom 3, I see a common thread here. All of the finalist can “sing” so that is no longer the carrot for the chase. What is common on these 3 is that I simply do not know who they are as an artist. These 3 have not found a niche to connect with a core audience. Look at the other 5 on the couch and you can plainly connect them to a sound. But these 3 are somewhat disconnected in my mind.

Carly Smithson can blow! But Simon got it right, she was not dressing like a star. She was looking like a lost amature on the stage week after week with the clothing choice. It is too late in the game to look like you are still shopping at K-Mart. I am glad she listened and looked better this week, now kick it up a notch and dress up to the song styling and you have a winning package.

I am not going to be quite as nice to Miss Syesha Mercado.  Syesha, I love her, she is cute, fun and beautiful, But you are NOT Whitney, Mariah, or for that matter, Fantasia. Stop comparing yourself to them. This is harsh love, but necessary. You shine in your own light, but keep mudding the water with your insistence on choosing songs that are signature to established artist and then performing them less than the versions we know and love.

Pick songs that you can blow me away with. Pick songs sung with lessor range than you posses and add that spark. You have a wonderful voice, but it gets lost if you choose to sing one of these big song and miss the hottest note. NOT GOOD sweetie.

Get in there and establish yourself and stop forcing me to compare you to the absolute best in the business. These ladies are the BEST out there and have proven it time and again. You on the other hand have taken the best’s very best song and alas have come up short. They made those performances blazed on our minds and if you do not hit EVERY note, then 99.9% is still a massive failure to the public. Your best performances have been when you take something nice and make it incredible. Do that more often and you will stay out of the bottom 3.

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