American Idol Watch #7: This is complete CRAP!

Ok, sorry guys that it took so long to post. I have been away and am just getting back in town. So I had Idol on TiVo and watched the two episodes back to back. I swear this is some bull’ish! I can not believe the results of this show tonight. How in the hell is this happening?

Carly Smithson!

Now of course Idol is known for some upsets, but this was incredible. They have 2 girls in the bottom 2 and neither one of them were the worst of the night?!? Was this a tragedy of justice? No, but it is still crazy. What is most upsetting to me is the fact that this idiot on downers, Jason Castro was not in the bottom 2. OMG, he just sucks ass!

Jason Castro!

In case you did not know, JASON YOU SUCK! He is the dumbest waste of flesh ever to appear on the show and you voters still keep this nut around. I guess it is for laughter at his sheer idiotic banter with Ryan Seacrest, I dunno?!?

Alright, now that I am done with that, lets get to the departure of Carly Smithson. Poor song choice! VERY poor choice. You can not sing a song about Jesus Christ on TV unless it is of high praise. Jesus Christ Superstar would NOT fall into that category. Although it is tongue in cheek and the play is really not about all that, the song just did not play well to “middle” America.

I could almost hear southern Baptist running to the remote to switch of the TV. I sure she offended more than a few Christians with that song choice. So much in fact that on the following night, Ryan referred to the song as simply “Superstar” LMAO. So that was the nail in the coffin for her.

Although I must say, she rocked the house with her performance and she sounded wonderful, but you simply offended probably 1/3 of the viewing audience with that song.

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