Janet Jackson on the carpet, showing some love me!

Ms. Jackson (cause I’m “Nasty” 😉 ) was caught on the carpet in this dress. Hate it or Love it? Ummmm, I duuno? Looks like something Queen Amadala would have on in Star Wars. Of course Janet Jackson can basically wear nothing, which she does choose to do often, and look good.

What is your take on this dress? I am no fashion maven, so I just dig the colors and her pose says “Enjoy my love, that I give to you” LMAO. I still love me some Janet, screw all the haters! You go girl!

Woman’s White Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Black Sequined Handmade Chemo Head Wrap
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Black Handmade Chemo Head Wrap

2 Responses

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  2. Unless she’s planning to take flight soon.. it’s HORRIBLE!

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