DMX and Denzel Washington Got Raped!


I saw this story on the website and laughed my ass off. Even though it was reported almost 2 years ago I just had to comment on it. First of all the story mentioned Rapper and Movie Star DMX claimed that a woman who was not his wife and is also having his baby raped him. DMX also claims the incident was not his fault and he should not be held responsible for getting his assailant pregnant. I wonder if this claim could get a law passed against women who force guys to have sex with them….

I am a big movie buff and I seem to recall only one incident I remember of a man getting raped by a woman.

Denzel Washington, John Lithgow and Ice-T in Richochet

Do you remember the movie Ricochet staring Denzel Washington, John Lithgow and Ice-T. Well there is a scene in that move in which Denzel Washington is drugged and tied down to a bed only to have a hooker who was infected with a sexually transmitted disease have sex with him against his will. Denzel clearly didn’t want to have sex with this nasty woman and I am sure if his arms and legs were free he would have fought her off.

I ask you, do you really think Mr. Big and Bad “Where MY Dogs At” DMX who has occasionally experimented with a few illegal drugs put up a big fight against this woman who allegedly raped him. I think NOT!

I would love to hear your comments on this one.

Holla Back!

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2 Responses

  1. G Wiz. I continue to think about this and yet, I am no closer to a resolution

  2. The movie Thursday, a man gets raped

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