Kung Fu Panda Packs a 3rd Power Wallop

Kung Fu Panda

I was treated on Fathers Day to see Kung Fu Panda staring Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, and Jackie Chan. This was a great animation that really made you think about all the Kung Fu fighting styles come to life. It reminded me of one of my favorite Kung Fu movies The Five Deadly Venoms.

Jack Black was the voice of Poe the Panda a lowly but lovable server in his fathers noodle restaurant. He is a big fan of the Kung Fu fighting style and a bigger fan of the fantastic 5 Kung Fu experts that are being trained to become the chosen one. Dustin Hoffman is the voice of Shifu the Kung Fu master given the task of teaching Poe the Panda the art of Kung Fu. Agelina Joelie is the voice of the Tiger, Lucy Liu is the voice of the Viper and Jackie Chan is the voice of the Monkey.

This movie really impressed me with the mix of seriousness of learning a martial art and the humor of teaching it to an overweight and lazy Panda. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman were a wonderful student and teacher combination. The color and imagery of this animation really took my breath away. Kung Fu Panda gave you the impression that you were in old world China and that this was a true battle of Good vs Evil.

I would definitely recommend you go see Kung Fu Panda. I look forward to seeing it again and it will get its place in my DVD collection when it hits the stores or the bootleggers and the barber shop…;-)

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