Go Green! Reuse Your Old Shoelaces

In the wake of the excitement from your new kicks, you toss your old ones aside, and they are subsequently chewed on by the dog, kicked around, and then tossed in the trash. Jeez, what did those shoes ever do to you?

But wait! While you can definitely recycle your old sneaks, you can do the same for the laces. Simply unlace them from the shoes, give them a bath in hot water and a little bleach (or dish soap, if they’re not white), let them dry and then use them in all sorts of ways.

  • Use your old shoelaces in the same way you would use string around the house – the possibilities are endless.
  • Turn them into cat toys. Either use the laces by themselves, or tie them to a jingly ball or catnip mouse.
  • Tie your herbs and tomato plants to stakes so they don’t topple over.
  • Modify your other shoes! Grab some Rit dye and color the laces to your taste, and then use them to enhance your current kicks, as shown over at Bits and Bobbins.
  • Store a spare in a purse or gym bag in case you accidentally break one.

And a few more…

  • String washers, bobbins, or miscellaneous beads on the laces so they don’t get misplaced.
  • Tie them around a few books as you would ribbons on a gift, and use them as a book carrier – no backpack needed!
  • Hang them from rafters or ceiling tiles and attach ornaments or paper stars to the bottoms for some added home decoration.

Article courtesy of GreenDaily.com

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