Pregnant Man Gives Birth???

There are no typos above. It’s correct, a man gets pregnant and gave birth. I saw him on Oprah a month or so back and it’s really amazing how accepting the media is of this. I’m VERY proud that noone made a spectacle of him and the little one. I honestly forgot all about it until catching up on Best Week Ever last week.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Thomas Beatie began life as a female and was legally switched to a male, BUT kept his female reproductive organs. “Raised in Hawaii, he spent the first two decades of his life as Tracy Lagondino, a Girl Scout, former model and finalist in a Miss Hawaii Teen USA pageant. Beatie told PEOPLE that he began to dress and live as a man in his 20s, in time officially changing his gender on his passport and driver’s license.” In Beatie’s statement he mentioned that the only difference between him and a woman is that he can’t breastfeed his daughter. And on that note….. read for yourself!

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