Fashion Alert: Paisley Dresses

You heard it here first! Summer and Fall are full of fun, funky patterns. Check out these bold paisley prints worn by Sophia Bush, Kate Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I absolutely love the look, you can have SO much fun with accessories. Just look at fun these looks are! Sophia Bush’s look is more sophisticated for a night out on the town. Kate Hudson rocks her look out on a fun shopping excursion and Catherine Zeta-Jones takes this look from day to evening!

Don’t have the paisley dress? Spice up your outfit and accessories with a fun paisley print!

12 Pack (1 dozen) – White Paisley Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Orange Paisley Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Blue Paisley Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

2 Responses

  1. I like the orange paisley one..

  2. My favorite is the Blue Paisley. The dress Kate Hudson is wearing is beautiful. These patterns have an earthy tone but manage to keep the outfit stylish. Refreshing and unique! These actualy remind me of an entire colection of fabulous dresses I discovered. Take a look – I know you will love them!

    Sky Dresses

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