First a Pegnant Man, Now a 6-Legged Dear?!

It’s only my duty to keep you updated on what’s going on GA. They got rid of Freaknik, but they couldn’t quite get rid of the freakishness that is GA!! Yes, count em’… that’s 6 freaking legs!!

6 - Legged Dear

6 - Legged Dear

ARMUCHEE, Ga. — A six-legged deer apparently attacked by a dog has been found in north Georgia and treated by veterianarians at West Rome Animal Clinic, where the deer is recovering.

After saving the unusual deer’s life, the vets are wondering what to do with it. They are relucant to release the deer back into the wild.

“It is really an anomaly,” said West Rome Animal Clinic veterinarian Dan Pate. “It appears it had an identical twin that didn’t form all the way.” Because of the injuries the fawn received, one of its two tails was amputated. X-rays show the fawn has two distinct pelvises. To walk, the fawn uses one leg from each pelvis.

“Somehow it has a fairly normal gait, although the center legs seem to get in the way,” said Pate.

No, I didn’t Photoshop this. I’m good, but not that good. See for yourself!

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