Pregnant woman drops her ‘kids off’ at Sesame Place. Now that’s entertainment!

LANGHORNE, Pa. — A mother who took her two children to Sesame Place Saturday gave birth to her third child in a bathroom stall.

Takia Mann, 21, of Manhattan, gave birth to Jayda about 20 minutes into the family visit to Sesame Place, according to the theme park. Mann went into a restroom, her water broke and the baby entered the world. The baby’s umbilical cord even broke off naturally, according to the theme park.
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“It happened so fast. I didn’t have pain, just shock,” Mann said. According to the theme park, a woman in a nearby stall asked Mann if she was all right. Mann opened the stall door with her newborn in her arms.

Sesame Place EMT Emily Raab, 20, checked out the baby who was healthy and weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces.

Mann and Jayda were taken by ambulance to St. Mary Hospital. Both are doing well and are scheduled to return home on Monday afternoon, after they have a special visit with Elmo and Abby Cadabby from Sesame Place.

The family will receive season passes for the remainder of the year and 2009 since Jayda’s older brothers only spent 20 minutes in Sesame Place after traveling from New York, according to the theme park.

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Who is the latest to end up on Diddy’s payroll? NELLY that’s who!

Nelly is now the newest model for the Sean John line and with his new and improved steroid look, it should help pay for the shots…OUCH! But come on, you simply do not get that size in a year unless you take the special juice? You think he is on it?

No matter the dude got the contract with Diddy for sure and now he will be sporting Sean John when you see him shirtless.

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Ryan’s Sheckler’s 1st MTV Cribs Appearance

I was watching The Best of MTV Cribs yesterday and saw 3rdPO’s favorite, Ryan Sheckler. Considering he’s a heartthrob and somewhat sex symbol, it was so cute to see the young, cute, innocent, Ryan. Here’s a clip from the Cribs episode:

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I also found this cool interview that you’re sure to enjoy:

Has skateboarding turned into a job for you now, where you see it more as work than a hobby?
Not until recently since it’s always been more fun than anything. But now there is a lot of business to it since I ‘m starting to get a lot of deals…it’s just nuts now.

What would you say helped you get to this point of your career?
Just a lot of practice and dedication. You just can’t give up. I broke a lot of bones and made it through a lot of weird things that I probably wouldn’t have gotten back on my board if I didn’t have my heart in it.

So what injuries have you sustained through the process?
I broke both my elbows three times, broke my ankle, broke a foot and had probably about six concussions.

Is there some special pet name for your skateboard?
Nah, not at all. I just call it my skateboard. Actually…it’s called my life.

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