Ryan’s Sheckler’s 1st MTV Cribs Appearance

I was watching The Best of MTV Cribs yesterday and saw 3rdPO’s favorite, Ryan Sheckler. Considering he’s a heartthrob and somewhat sex symbol, it was so cute to see the young, cute, innocent, Ryan. Here’s a clip from the Cribs episode:

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I also found this cool interview that you’re sure to enjoy:

Has skateboarding turned into a job for you now, where you see it more as work than a hobby?
Not until recently since it’s always been more fun than anything. But now there is a lot of business to it since I ‘m starting to get a lot of deals…it’s just nuts now.

What would you say helped you get to this point of your career?
Just a lot of practice and dedication. You just can’t give up. I broke a lot of bones and made it through a lot of weird things that I probably wouldn’t have gotten back on my board if I didn’t have my heart in it.

So what injuries have you sustained through the process?
I broke both my elbows three times, broke my ankle, broke a foot and had probably about six concussions.

Is there some special pet name for your skateboard?
Nah, not at all. I just call it my skateboard. Actually…it’s called my life.

Click for the full interview

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