Apparently Someone Wanted More Miley Cyrus?!

First Paris, now poor little Miley. It’s not rocket science! Hopefully in due time, these girls will learn that you can’t just take pictures of yourself, or let others for that matter, doing God knows what with God knows who! You’re famous for Pete’s Sake. People are going to find these, sell them, and people like me are going to blog about it! 🙂 This is the 3rd time Miley has had racy photos leaked online. Apparently a guy hacked her e-mail and found the pictures… and according to him, there are nude ones he’s looking to sell. Here’s the least interesting on the pictures. I don’t feel right re-posting the others. They’re all over the internet for anyone interested!

What makes this picture “interesting” is that apparently there was an alleged relationship between Miley Cyrus and the youngest Jonas Brother, Nick. Her ‘Nick J’ necklace supposedly confirms the relationship. You’re Hannah Montana! Cut it out!! “Miley became an overnight sensation after Hannah Montana debuted in March 2006. Following the success of the show, in October 2006, a soundtrack CD was released in which she sang eight songs from the show. In December 2007, she was ranked #17 in the list of Forbes Top twenty earners under the age of 25 with an annual earning of US$3.5 million.] As of December 2007, she is working on a movie spin-off of Hannah Montana, titled Hannah Montana: The Movie which is due to be released on May 1, 2009.” Apparently, all this money and fame is too much for her. Disney is very quick to pull contracts. You see what happened to Jamie Lynn don’t you??

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