Angela Simmons Has A New Boy Toy ?!?!

Pro Skateboarder Terry “T.K.” Kennedy, 23, and girlfriend Angela Simmons, 20, pose for a photo at Maxim’s Extreme Sports party in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The couple has been together for a awhile now and have each other all over their myspace pages..aww how cute. Good to see them out and about. Couldn’t be happier!!

This is the first I’m hearing of Terry. “Terry was noticed for his ability to learn to skateboard in such little amount of time. Within his first year of skateboarding, Terry was sponsored by Baker Skateboards. With that he got a spot on the Vans Footwear team. He toured with the 2 teams with AM status. Looking to go pro, Terry left Baker Skateboards to venture on to Element Skateboards where he earned the nickname “Compton Ass Terry”. After a feud over pro status and pro models he left Element. Terry went back to Baker Skateboards where he felt he was home. He was picked up by Venture Trucks and KR3W Clothing. Releasing a full length pro video part for Baker 3. At the same time he picked up Ice Cream Footwear and was named ‘Captain’ by Pharrell Williams to pick out a team for the company. He is known for his ability to pull difficult maneuvers on handrails, which lead him to have been chosen by Danny Way to be on the EA Skate. video game. He is involved with Jereme Rogers and Paul Rodriguez in making He helped create Neff Headwear and helped fund for Brigada Eyewear. After his contract with Ice Cream Footwear came to a close, Terry came closer to the he was a member of lbcBaker/Deathwish/Kr3w/Brigada family by joining Supra Footwear.”

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