Get Your ‘Go Green’ Alerts ?!

On Press Release, I found this really cool article about new ways to Go Green! The recently launched ‘Go Green’ portal ( has a new feature offering which allows visitors to subscribe for email alerts and breaking news headlines related to global ‘Green Initiatives’ and eco-friendly topics.

Go Green Portal

Go Green Portal

Web site owners can subscribe to receive XML newsfeeds which cover the latest ‘Green Success Stories’ from around the world. Some of the popular stories covered on the site include the new eco-resort to be built by Pamela Anderson in Abu Dhabi, ‘Britain’s First Plastic Free Town’ called Modbury and ‘Green Automobiles’ For Beijing Olympics.

Within one week of the site launch, Go Green site has received over 72,000 visitors from 60 countries, most of whom believe in the ‘Go Green’ philosophy.”

The Go Green portal is designed to cover the following information:

• Calendar of global ‘Green’ events compiled by the European Environment Agency
• Guides to ‘Eating Green’, ‘Shopping Green’ and ‘Building Green’
• Climate change news syndicated by Environmental Health News

Visitors to the site can also view online videos and read reviews of environment related books and web resources. Several ecological facts are published to increase public awareness on topics such as Carbon Footprint, Earth Hour and Tips on Saving Energy.

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  1. Brilliant, thank you. This is exactly what I am looking.

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