eBay Goes Green

eBay has been pretty quiet about this launch, but to me it’s pretty exciting! eBay GoodprinteBay launched a new marketplace, World of Good, on Wednesday. Customers can shop by category, or shop by “Goodprint.” According to eBay, here’s what a Goodprint is:

Every choice we make leaves an imprint. Goodprint – WorldofGood.com’s revolutionary product guide – is how sellers display the positive imprint you leave when you purchase a product on WorldofGood.com. It’s the tool you can use to shop for products that match your interests and values.

There is, of course, overlap between the Goodprint categories, and each item on WorldofGood lists it’s Goodprint in it’s description.

I found a Tree of Life Quilted Cotton Tote Bag, and saw that it is made in an all women cooperative in western Rajasthan and profits help in the development of the region. It really makes me feel good about spending money and helping the environment.

Hatchet Man Insane Clown Posse Pendant & 30″ Rope Chain
Now $14.95

Cadillac Pendant & 30″ Rope Chain
Now $14.95

Crown Pendant & 30″ Rope Chain
Now $14.95

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  1. pretty fresh

  2. I love your site!

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