Sheckler Dominates Thrasher’s Bust Or Bail Contest

I think I’m kinda starting to fall for this kid. Thanks to, we found out that Ryan Sheckler is still DOMINATING the pavement!

Ryan Sheckler dominated Thrasher’s Bust or Bail event in San Francisco held this weekend at Paul Revere High School where he took the win by throwing down more tricks than any other competitor.

Sheckler stunned the crowd by throwing tricks such as a backside 180 kickflip and a 360 flip down the set of stairs. The infamous Paul Revere 16-stair rail proved to be intimidating to even the most seasoned street skaters and had some of skateboarding’s heaviest hitters backing down. Jake Phelps, editor of Thrasher Magazine, made on demand requests for tricks , and Sheckler delivered, showing off a hardflip and backside lipslide on command to the down the crowd’s amazement. Sheckler walked away with an engraved original piece of the historic rail as part of his 1st place win.

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4 Responses

  1. Ryan is an amazing skater. I can’t even dream of doing half of all tricks he’s doing!

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