American Idol Watch #1: David Hernandez – Male Dancer … No Rhythm … C-YA

Let me start by saying, male dancer, male dancer, male dancer. Ooops
“alleged” male dancer. Whatever dude, the song sucked and you need to go home. I
actually liked David the week he did the Temptations “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”,
but since then he has put me to sleep. He had that big voice and could hit those
soulful licks, but I guess the Beetles week got the best of him.

David Hernandez!

I know he had a lot on the brain with all the publicity about his “pizza
job?” Yeah right! You should have danced like you had a g-string on an wanted a
dollar dude, you may have got a few votes! Singing a great, well know Beetles
song like “I Saw Here Standing There” and not singing the “Woooo…” is a
freaking crime. C-Ya, your ass needs a ticket home.

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Drinks on Me for St Patrick’s Day

Irish Mist Kiss Cocktail

Well, not literally. But here is what we will be drinking on St. Patty’s Day!

This splendid cocktail is a perfect toast for St. Patrick’s Day.Irish Mist

  • 1 part Irish Mist
  • Dash Hiram Walker Blue Curacao
  • Soda of choice

Pour Irish Mist over ice. Add a dash of Blue Curacao and add a splash of tonic or 7-Up. Garnish with a lemon or lime peel twist.

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Free Software and Games Every Day!

Hey a friend of mine just let me know about this site called Giveaway of the Day ( Have you every heard of this before? If not you should check it out. Sometimes they give away some good ish! Other times it is kinda garbage, but you pay NOTHING.

This is not a bad site for some free stuff and you never know what may come up. Last week I got this mad cool screen capture software. And they also have another site called Game Giveaway of the day ( On that one, you can often get what you pay for, LMAO. But hey son, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…whatever the hell that means.

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