Chris Brown and Eve Fashion Alert

Chris Brown Bandana Eve Kufi Beanie

Chris Brown and EVE prove that 3rd Power Outlet has fashion on lock! Chris Brown is rocking a hot checkerboard bandana beneath his hoodie and EVE is seen rocking a cute kufi beanie on the red carpet. Both of these looks are truly in style for Spring.

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Tie Dye Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Asian Characters Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

Grey Beanie Kufi Hat (One Size)
Now $3.95

Pink Beanie Kufi Hat (One Size)
Now $3.95

How Will You Spend St. Patrick’s Day?

As I mentioned last week, I’m having a completely different take on St. Patty’s Day this year. I plan to rock my green, pinch the rebels that aren’t rocking green, drink some green brew, and party. I found this pretty cool site that a lists of all St. Patrick’s Day parades and events, so I won’t miss a thing. Find out what’s going on in your city!

Yea, it might seem a little young or a little lame to some to partake in the festivities, but it can be done right and can be tons of fun! Here are few things I’m thinking:

  1. Green-themed St. Patrick’s Day house party: complete with Irish recipes, green and gold balloons, hats, beads, necklaces, etc.
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl: Ladies, rock a green boa, green pumps & for the guys we have the sweatbands for you and if you’re smart you’ll don a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt.

Send a comment and share how you party!

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patricks Day Shamrock Irish Sweatbands – 2 Piece Set
Now $4.95

St. Patrick's Day
Green Head and Wrist Sport Sweat Bands (3 pc. Set)
Now $2.45

St. Patrick's Day
Republic Of Ireland Flag 3′ x 5′ Irish (91.4 cm x 152.4 cm)
Now $6.95

Beyonce & Jay-Z Spotted rocking beanies

I’m doing my best to keep you hip! It’s my passion to keep my ear to the streets and keep you in the know. Yesterday, Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted out in West Village yesterday rocking beanies.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Image courtesy of

You can get this look too, from 3rd Power Outlet

Grey Beanie Kufi Hat (One Size)
Price: $3.95

knit hat with visor
Pink Newsboy Crochet Knit Brim Kufi Hat (One Size)
Price: $8.95

Basic Smart Shopping Tips

Here are a few basic smart shopping tips that you should apply when making your purchases:

1. Sign up for special or “unadvertised” deals.

2. Avoid crowds by researching and shopping online.

3. Buy at the end of the season.

4. Stock up when prices are low.

5. Remember the “Rule of Three”: If an item has three different ways it can be used, you will not be wasting your money.

6. Shop for gifts year round.

7. Return purchases that do not meet your expectations.

If it sounds like most of these fit the 3rd Power Outlet model, you’re right! We strive to make you happy with your purchases and a smart, efficient shopper. The biggest take-away today should be to shop at the end of the season. We’re currently holding an end of winter clearance and winter items are marked WAY down. You can get beanies, ski hats, scarf sets, etc for rock bottom prices!

Brown Knit Beanie Winter Hat (One Size)
Now $2.00

Yellow Gold Visor Knit Ski Hat
Now $2.00

Cable Knit Matching Scarf & Hat Gift Set (Black)
Now $3.00

3rd Power’s Breat Cancer Awareness Participation

“On behalf of Drexel Athletic, I would like to thank you for your support during our “Think Pink” promotion on February 17th. The event was great and 3rd Power‘s participation added to the success of the promotion. We were able to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

We look forward to working with you for future events.”


Corporate Sales Manager & Special Events

Drexel University Athletics

3rd Power donated pink wristbands and headbands to wear during the game. Here are pics from the event:

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Get your pink apparel today. Winter items are on sale now, so you can stock up beanies & ski hats TODAY!

Now $2.00

Now $2.00

Winter Clearance Sale

Winter Clearance

Do You Squidoo?

I’m SO excited about all the new technologies emerging. Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, and now… Squidoo! And guess what, I’m on almost all of ’em. Facebook page coming soon. Click on the links above to check me out.

“Squidoo is a website designed to make it easy for anyone, for free, to set up a single page on a topic he or she knows or cares a lot about. Advertising revenue is shared with these content creators, and some of it is given to charity. Squidoo was launched in October 2005 by, LLC based in Irvington, New York; the site came out of beta testing in March 2006.”

I created a page, check it out!

Dickies 13″ Shorts (Khaki)
From: $24.95

Dickies 13″ Shorts (Navy Blue)
From: $24.95

Dickies 13″ Shorts (Red)
From: $24.95

3rd Power Outlet Revamps Store To Grow Profits

John Lawson left his job as a telecommunications consultant and founded 3rd Power Outlet in 2002. When a joint venture with another business went sour, Lawson looked to eBay profits to help pay off a large mortgage. Five years later, his online urban outfitter business is now a Platinum PowerSeller. Shipping over 100 packages a day and generating over 2,000 feedbacks a month, Lawson is an eBay Certified Education Specialist and he and his partner have left corporate America behind for good. Selling high quality hip hop gear at everyday low prices, 3rd Power Outlet offers an extensive collection of fashionable hip hop jewelry, beanie hats, an assortment of hip hop clothes, a selection of bandanas and CZ jewelry – just a few of his top sellers.

ChannelAdvisor Complete Solutions:
Products: MarketplaceAdvisorTM Premium, ChannelAdvisor StoresChannelAdvisor Complete® combines on-demand software, integrated technology and best practices to help retailers manage the complexities of selling across multiple e-commerce channels – more efficiently and more profitably – all through a single interface.

A powerful part of the ChannelAdvisor Complete solution, MarketplaceAdvisor Premium enables retailers to automate the labor intensive tasks of e-commerce from inventory management, to ad creation, to order fulfillment, so they can operate more strategically, sell more products and become more profitable across all channels, including eBay, and

ChannelAdvisor Stores make it easy for single channel retailers to up sell products from eBay stores to their own websites and cross promote products over multiple marketplaces by merging across–the-board efficiencies with the ability to extend their brand to a broader audience. Best of all, it’s free to MarketplaceAdvisor Premium customers.


After becoming disenchanted with two other competitor’s products, 3rd Power Outlet launched MarketplaceAdvisor Premium in 2005. Their eBay business saw immediate benefits and continues to grow year over year. But it wasn’t until October 2007 –- just in time for the holidays — that Lawson got serious about designing 3rd Power Outlet’s ChannelAdvisor Store, a free product to MarketplaceAdvisor Premium customers.

“That’s when, as ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo likes to say, we decided to ‘take off the training wheels’,” Lawson explained. First, he posted to an online merchant publication’s forum to get some suggestions on improving his Store’s design. Then Lawson set out to modify his Store by implementing the feedback, some good and some bad; but all of it well-received.


Many of the comments that Lawson collected about 3rd Power Outlet’s Store actually complimented the old design. To him, this meant he didn’t need to start from scratch, but could continue to build on a good foundation and make it better. Initially, he laid out two directives: Keep his current logo and branding colors; and, depart substantially from his previous design template.

The flexibility of the ChannelAdvisor Store allowed Lawson to make changes that improved search engine optimization (SEO) results and increased conversion rates from traffic generated with Google Adwords by more than 25 percent. Lawson can easily modify the home page and the header for promotions or holidays without having to do a lot of reformatting. The changes have infused a strong brand message on every page.

Not only have the new enhancements helped buyers quickly see and buy what they are looking for, but according to Lawson, they’ve made tracking ad performance less time-consuming. And the overall look and feel of a professionally designed Store has helped command higher prices and more buyers, helping him keep pace with the competition. “One thing is for sure, if you’re not constantly moving forward, you are dying,” said Lawson. “There is no such thing as floating in online retail, you have to be constantly changing and improving. I do not advocate chasing every new fad, but retailers do need to tweak their online presence at least twice a year to stay current.”


Sales increased by 30 percent even before any “new Store” emails were sent or any additional marketing. Prior to 3rd Power Outlet’s Store redesign, Lawson said he saw only a handful of multiple item orders. Now, multiple item orders have climbed, increasing by more than four times. 3rd Power Outlet is now capturing customer information as well. This valuable information will be useful for growing their repeat buyer base. Additionally, Lawson’s Store revenue per sale is five times higher than his average eBay sale.

“My guess is that customers who are browsing sites are less likely to buy from a ‘mom-and-pop’-looking Web store, even if they see an item of interest,” said Lawson. “The ChannelAdvisor Store allowed me to design a site that I am extremely proud of. It does not look like a cookie-cutter Web page that you can buy online, it’s a professionally designed customer store unique to 3rd Power Outlet… mission accomplished.”

3rd Power Outlet

Location: Stone Mountain, GA
Industry: Urban wear and accessories

Our business has grown tremendously year over year with ChannelAdvisor playing a large part in our success. The proper support to help grow our business, together with the right solution, really made all the difference.

– John Lawson
President, 3rd Power Outlet

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Orange Paisley Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Pink Paisley Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

12 Pack (1 dozen) – Green Paisley Bandannas (bandanas)
Now $8.95

Kufi Beanie Hat

Originally, kufis were worn by men of Christian, Muslim, and followers of indigenous African religions. Many elders wore kufis to symbolize their status of wealthy, wisdom, and religion.

Today, in the US, kufis are worn by many with casual attire and make quite the fashion statement. Usher rocked one of his album cover for “U Remind Me.”

Usher Kufi Hat

3rdPowerOutlet has kufis in red, blue, gold, rasta, and more!

Pink Kufi Beanie
Don’t worry ladies… we didn’t forget you!

Was $14.99
Now $6.00


Caring for Your Kufi
All beaded, knitted, and crown kufis should be turned inside out and hand washed in cold water and liquid detergent. It is best to air dry. Kufis should be washed once a week to eliminate odors. Turkish and crochet kufis can be machine washed with like colors. However, it is best to air dry them. To shrink a Turkish or crochet kufi that is too large, wash the kufi then machine dry with like colors.