How Reggie Miller Ended Up On An Airplane Banner

Back in March, retired basketball star Reggie Miller met a young woman named Ali Kay at a supermarket in Malibu. They flirted and spent the rest of the day texting each other. Ali Kay, a clothing designer, even texted him some sexy (yet fully clothed) cameraphone pictures of herself.

Reggie Vs. The Crazy Rich People

According to Reggie, a month later in April he’d had enough of her, and even removed her from his cell phone’s address book. (Which as we all know is the true kiss of death in the year 2009.) A month after that, in May, Reggie Miller claims that Ali contacted him and asked why Reggie had frozen her out.

The next day, Ali Kay’s fiancée discovered that she had phoned Reggie Miller, and all hell broke loose. Ali Kay is engaged to Alex von Furstenburg, the son of fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg. (Ali and Alex were engaged in February, a month before Ali met Reggie Miller.)

Alex has two things:

1. About a million billion dollars.
2. The anger management skills of a toddler.

Once Alex (who is, like Paris Hilton, famous only for being rich) learned that his fiancee’ had contacted Reggie Miller, Alex lost his ****. He sent private investigators after Miller, harassed Miller’s friends, and escalating the situation to the point where Reggie Miller had to prepare a restraining order against von Furstenburg.

The drama really went over the top last weekend. Alex hired a small plane to fly over southern California’s beaches towing a banner that read “Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women.”

Reggie Miller, I assume, is fairly used to dealing with crazy people. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re famous. But I can’t help but wonder why the beautiful, successful Ali Kay is still hanging onto Alex, after seeing him fly off the handle like this.

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Kobe Bryant jumps over a speeding car (Aston Martin)

Ok, the frenzy is heating up. Did Kobe really jump the car? Was this a fake set up? Is there some cut scene here? I do not know, my initial take is that this is 100% fake. The car was just added in later to make the effect real.

I base this simply on the speed of the vehical being way too fast in the frame shot. It looks like they are on a roof top parking garage and unless that is one HUGE ass space, there is no way that car got up to such speed and stopped in such a short distance. Plus, I doubt that his Lakers contract allows such reckless behavoir out of thier “seat filler”. He could twist an ankle and season over.  You be the judge…What do you think?

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