Ladies and Gentleman, the Black President …

…of that is, LOL!

So Obama could actually become the first Black President, and all that. However, he would be the first pres. of the USA, but our company President here at 3rd Power Outlet is pretty rad too. Check out the President of 3rd Power Outlet as he speaks to ChannelAdvisor at the Catalyst convention this week about their products.

I got to give props, he represents our cool ass company pretty well. He is the “Hustle Simmons” around these parts. YO! where can I get a fly ass 3rd Power Polo shirt like that Prez? Is it only for the big wigs? Hook a brutha up, dude.

Dickies Men’s Short-Sleeve Work Shirt (Silver)
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Dickies Men’s Short-Sleeve Work Shirt (Black)
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Dickies Men’s Short-Sleeve Work Shirt (Khaki)
From: $27.95

Basic Smart Shopping Tips

Here are a few basic smart shopping tips that you should apply when making your purchases:

1. Sign up for special or “unadvertised” deals.

2. Avoid crowds by researching and shopping online.

3. Buy at the end of the season.

4. Stock up when prices are low.

5. Remember the “Rule of Three”: If an item has three different ways it can be used, you will not be wasting your money.

6. Shop for gifts year round.

7. Return purchases that do not meet your expectations.

If it sounds like most of these fit the 3rd Power Outlet model, you’re right! We strive to make you happy with your purchases and a smart, efficient shopper. The biggest take-away today should be to shop at the end of the season. We’re currently holding an end of winter clearance and winter items are marked WAY down. You can get beanies, ski hats, scarf sets, etc for rock bottom prices!

Brown Knit Beanie Winter Hat (One Size)
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Yellow Gold Visor Knit Ski Hat
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Cable Knit Matching Scarf & Hat Gift Set (Black)
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