Can you guess who will NOT be the Vice President for Obama? John Edwards?

John Edwards and his Mistress? Reielle Hunter

John Edwards and his Mistress? Reielle Hunter

Well, Mr. John Edward may have just f’d up any attempt at ever becoming the Vice President or President ever again! The great rag paper known as the National Enquirer is reporting that former Senator and possible VP for Barack Obama,  John Edwards has not only a mistress, but a LOVE CHILD too! OMG, according the report the Enquirer said their staff caught John Edwards at a hotel at 2:40 in the morning with Rielle Hunter.

Rielle Hunter is the reported mistress and baby mama for John Edwards according to the report.
The report names Rielle Hunter as the mistress. They say that Rielle Hunter met John Edwards at the Beverly Hilton. This is not the first time the Enquirer has accused John Edwards of having an affair with Rielle Hunter either. The Enquirer back In November of 2007, said Edwards had impregnated Hunter.  One of Edward’s friends stepped forward to deny the claim. Edwards and Hunter have both repeatedly denied the allegations.

John Edwards, who is now an Ex-Senator is married. His wife has cancer.

Allan Butterfield of the Enquirer describes what he saw.

“”Edwards was not carrying anything. He walked in alone. He was wearing a blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He was looking around nervously before he entered the hotel. Once inside, he interestingly bypassed the lobby and ducked down a side stairs to go to the bottom floor to catch the elevator up – rather than taking the elevator in the main lobby. He went out of his way not to be seen,” said Butterfield.

Dude, you need to keep that zipped up until the nomination has been announce you idiot. That could have been a very expensive piece of cake! Oh well….

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Surfing Axed from Summer X Games

ESPN X-GamesAfter five years of mixed results and a failure to find a competition format that worked and excited, the plug has officially been pulled on surfing for this years Summer X Games in Los Angeles. And while earlier this year we witnessed ESPN and X Games organizers get blasted for the decision (one that was soon after overturned) to axe the half-pipe competition, I’m not so sure that the exclusion of surfing from this years games is going to elicit the same type of reaction.

The allure of the X Games is seeing the worlds most talented and skilled athletes competing at the highest level and in the most challenging arenas for each sport respectively. While that was the case for the majority of the action sports showcased in the games, organizers were simply unable to find a way to fit surfing into their mold in order to capture the hearts and minds of their audience when it came to surfing.

I guess riding the waves does not measure up to riding the half-pipe.

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