Tyra’s Losing The Weave!

Tyra Banks has announced that she is going to lose the hair weave for her talk show episode premiering September 8th. Earlier this week she Twittered “no ponytails, no ballet bun head. hair will be out and free!”

What will her real hair look like? I found this paparazzi photo of Tyra Banks ostensibly without makeup or hair extensions, but I have my doubts. Makeup is something you take off and put on every day, but not hair extensions! I think someone misunderstood the difference between “hair extensions” and “styling your hair extensions, or just keeping them back in a ponytail.”

Tyra Banks has made a crushingly successful modeling career out of hair extensions, and there is a lot of buzz about taking her hair natural. According to many beauticians, a weave is the #1 most popular artificial beauty enhancer, for “regular folks” as well as supermodels. It’s difficult to accurately assess the popularity of hair extensions, beyond “really popular.”

The real question of course is whether Tyra is going to go truly natural with her hair, or if this is just a one-day gimmick. She says she’ll premiere her real hair on September 8th, but will she be back to a big ol’ fakety fake weave on September 9th? Is she going to let her hair sing like CCH Pounder, or is she going to straighten and lighten and beat it into submission? (Related reading: “My First Conk” by Malcolm X.)

As goes Tyra, so goes the world? Doubtful – after all, can you really see Britney returning to her natural hair, which must be all of about two inches long now?

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