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If you spot it, we got it! We are running around checking your emails asking us where to get it. So we have decided to start posting some of them right here on the blog. You looking for some hot urban gear that the celebs are rockin’? Let us know about it.

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Teyana Taylor Rocks Her Laces

I happened to be checking out some pics of Teyana Taylor and this chick always has colored laces. Her sneakers are fresh to death and she takes it up a notch with the laces as accessories.

Teyana Taylor Teyana Taylor Teyana Taylor

(l to r): TRL (orange laces), Heatherette Party (black laces), Rip the Runway (colored laces)

52″ Royal Blue Nylon Shoelaces (Fat)
Now $2.99

52″ Red & Royal Nylon Shoelaces (Fat)
Now $2.99

50″ Navy Blue Nylon Shoelaces (Fat)
Now $2.99


Teyana Taylor’s Google Me Video Release

Teyana Taylor Google Me
Sk&board chic Teyana Taylor released her new video, ‘Google Me’. We did a blog about Missy Elliot last week, but this chick might be about to take over. She’s truly got the sk8ter vibe. Ha, shouts out to MTV’s Sweet 16 for putting her on the map!