American Idol Watch #6: Bye bye butterfly Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook

I am going to make this short and sweet. SO long, as in…How did you stay “so long”? Look, I am NOT a big fan of country music and I will admit that. But I must say that Kristy Lee will be a HUGE star in country music from this Idol run. But she had some really bad weeks the first few out there and really should have been gone by now.

To me, she was really not the worst this week. That honor of WORST has to go to Brook White. She simply fell limp half way through the song. Simon got it right, she was a hamburger without the meet, a vegi Whopper!

So where does this leave us? 3 guys and 3 girls right? I am going to make my prediction now. The top 3 will be ALL MALE! That is right, the top 3 will be all male so get ready to say bye bye to all the other butterflies. This is a testosterone race to the finish!

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