Obama Assassination Plot Foiled in Colorado

Nathan Johnson and Tharin Gartrell

A routine traffic stop for a suspected drunken driver lead Aurora,
Colorado police officers to apprehend a group that were allegedly
plotting to assassinate the Democratic presidential presumptive
nominee, Barack Obama, during his upcoming open air
acceptance speech that will air on national television on Thursday
night in front of a crowd of 70,000.

Tharin Gartrell, a 28 year old convicted felon, was
stopped when police observed his vehicle swerving between lanes early
Sunday morning. They found two high-powered scoped rifles, ammunition,
sighting scopes, radios, a cellphone, a bulletproof vest, wigs, drugs
and fake ID’s.

As reported by Denver’s KCNC Channel 4, under questioning Gartrell implicated three others–Nathan Johnson, 32, Shawn Adolph, 33, and Natasha Gromack,
who is Johnson’s girlfriend. Adolph, who wore a ring with a Nazi
swastika, was injured when he jumped out of a hotel window while
fleeing Secret Service agents. The group is being held on weapons and
drug charges.

Under questioning, the group revealed that they planned to kill Obama during his

three suspects - booking photos

nationally televised speech at Invesco Field on Thursday night. They are each being held in Arapahoe County jail on $50,000 bail.

Several federal law enforcement agencies have been investigating the
threat for the past 48 hours and believe that the group of drug using
criminals posed no credible threat to Obama.

A news conference will be held at 4:00 p.m. Denver time on Tuesday
by FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and Aurora
police. Aurora is 25 minutes from Denver.

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Paris Hilton Revenge Video – Response to the McCain Obama Video

This is hilarious! See you at the debate bitches!

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Hate on this if you wanna, but you people complaining need to get that “stick out your arse!” Like Luda cares what you think about this interlude? Please…This is hip hop doing what hip hop does best…BRAGGING!

You think rappers are not going to put a big “O” on their chest in 2008, like they do with some bling? You must be trippin’, Obama rhymes with so much…like “your momma” Speaking of which, if you think this is some really harsh stuff, so much that it really needs to be discussed as a serious political topic….Your Momma wears combat boots! LMAO

Of course the Obama campaign now must make the standard “I am shocked” statement. What do you expect, none out side the community “get it” for what it is, just hip hop bragadoccio. And it was made by Hip Hop, for Hip Hop and you others peeking through the peek hole would never get it anyway.

Get a life right wing, it ain’t that serious…Well, I guess it is with only John McCain as a ticket leader, huh?!? Zzzzzzzz 😦

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Barack Obama: In His Own Words on Rev. Wright

What did he say? Here it is in its entirety. I personally REFUSE to comment, on this speech at this time and ours is in no way a political blog, I just think it is important that the man speak for himself and be heard. This election is too damn important and this topic is so damn hot!

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