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Is Ryan Sheckler the real deal? Or just some TV Promo Fodder on MTV?

This is to follow up on the story from last week. We are seeing too much
about Ryan on the MTV show. But what about his skillz? So you be the judge man,
is Ryan the real deal? The vid is heated so you tell me if it is all that?


Sheckler’s career took shape during the summer of 1995, when Sheckler’s dad
built him and his friends a new quarter pipe along with a few other additions
making it a small skate park. A few years later, he joined the CASL (California
Amateur Skateboarding League) and entered one of their contests and won. He
idolized Tony Hawk and wanted to invite him to his seventh birthday party. Hawk
attended the party and took some time to practice with Sheckler.

During 1997-2001 Sheckler was winning the CASL state championships, where he picked up
his first eye wear sponsor, Arnette, the same company sponsoring Tony Hawk. In
2004 he was named the World Cup of Skateboarding’s National Street Champion. In
2005, he was named the World Cup of Skateboarding’s National Street Champion and
the Dew Action Sports Tour Athlete of the Year. For 2006, he won the Global
Assault in Australia and finished fifth at the Tampa Pro in Florida. Ryan has
had roles in the movies Grind and  MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate, and stars in his own MTV reality show “Life
of Ryan

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MTV’s Life Of Ryan (Ryan Sheckler)

Here’s a thought.. how about the writers get back to work and make Life of Ryan a little less about his life and more about skateboarding. I mean what are people really watching it for… to see Ryan buy a house or to watch Ryan skateboard? I sat for 30 minutes and watched Ryan Sheckler try to buy a house TWICE, make amends with his dad, and go to Vegas, but not once did I see him on skateboard. I don’t care about your house Ryan, if I did, I’d watch Cribs!

Here’s a video of Ryan doing what he really does, which isn’t acting.

I’m ready for MTV to retire the “reality” shows and go back to showing videos for Pete’s sake. I tried to give the shows a chance, but I quit.

ANOTHER one that kills me is Rob & Big. The show is hilarious, but again it has NOTHING to do with skateboarding. Last night, I watched a dog poop on the floor and Big try to find Rob a nice, clean mate, but again no skateboarding.

Give me a break MTV!!!

I found this cool quote on YouTube “I met the dude… He’s not that great, he’s just like every other spoiled whiney brat. IM SORRY but your life is not interesting enough to have a friggen soap opera about yourself! although im backin Rob and Big those dudes are sick.”

My thoughts exactly…..

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