Don’t Forget To Remember T.I.

Before he went into prison, T.I. had the foresight to record a message from jail with Mary J. Blige, “Remember Me” which is getting heavy airplay right now. One thing I will say: Mary J. Blige has never looked or sounded so beautiful.

Having watched the video, I will say this: it works a lot better if you DON’T know that the man singing it is spending a mere two months in jail, after having served 305 of the 366 days of his sentence under house arrest. And that he’s in jail after having bought illegal guns from an undercover informant. (As a registered felon, T.I. is not allowed to possess guns, much less buy them illegally.)

T.I. kicks off the song by comparing himself to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Well, it IS true that all three of them are black men who went to jail, so the comparison isn’t entirely unfair. Although Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. went to jail because of their personal convictions, and T.I. went to jail (briefly) on a felony weapons charge. But it’s his song, and he gets to write it however he wants, right?

I can see what T.I. is going for with “Remember Me,” and for the most part he hits that mark, assuming you can put aside thoughts of his two month sentence in a low/medium security federal prison. Although I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene where T.I. waits sadly for a letter back from his mother, intercut with scenes of his mother regretfully throwing away his letter to her, unopened. *single tear*

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